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              DAR LLOYD


         Patrick  Bishop

           Investigator /Mad Scientist

​​​​ As a teenager she began to experience more unsettling things only this time she started to pay attention.

    She became overly conflicted with what she was experiencing because according to her religious beliefs the dead cannot remain earthbound. Later in her adult life, she continued to have unexplainable things happen to her and each time her need to understand and investigate them intensified.

    These experiences have brought her to Paranormal Porch in the hopes of finding the truth behind the mysteries of the unknown and long speculated. And also on a new mission to help others understand that another whole world exist around us all.

Chante' grew up in Stafford, Virginia. Her first paranormal experience happened at such a young age that she could not understand or process what had happened so she chose to ignore it.

 Chante' ​Rittenour


 Jeanne brings 5 plus years of team investigation experience as well as a  wealth of knowledge to all things paranormal.

  She also has a background in environmental and occupational health and  safety. Jeanne will provide a scientific angle to investigations while  keeping the group updated on safety requirements.

​Jeanne has experienced paranormal events since she was a toddler. Born with a gift of "sixth sense" she has always had a link to those who've passed. Only of recent has she began to take ownership and pride in her gifts through developing them for paranormal investigation. 

              ​Jeanne Rector


HE believes strongly that having a good grasp on where you came from gives you a good road map to where you're going. So, you add all that up and you have a paranormal investigator that believes that just because your family is no longer on this earthly plane of existence does not mean they don't have something left to teach you.

At a young age Stan was introduced to paranormal phenomenon living in historic towns that have long histories of famous ghost like Melville Bell (Alexander Graham Bell's father) that supposedly haunts The Bell House in Colonial Beach, Va, The lady in white at the famous Aquia Church in Stafford, Va and the many spirits of the Battles in and around Fredericksburg, Va. 

   Stan has had "too many personal experiences to count but, the tricky devils are camera shy" as he says. 



      ​​​Justin Sisk

        Assistant Director

​​​​​In 1986 she attended Merrill's Detective Agency and in 1987 achieved her Private Detectives License. Afterwards she went on to attend Columbia School of Broadcasting and achieved her FCC License. Spending eleven years as a radio personality she was blessed to work with some of the greatest Nashville country stars of the day! 

    Her mission now is to learn, educate and find the truth in the paranormal. She now brings her spiritual sensitivity, her years of audio technical experience and her Private Detectives intuition to Paranormal Porch to achieve the answer to one of life's greatest mysteries. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DAR GO TO


D​ar was born an October baby (Libra). As a small child she could feel and sense things that at the time she couldn't understand. As she grew into adulthood it all began to make sense for her but she shut the door on it.

I am twenty-two years old and  I live in the Fredericksburg area of Virginia. I am a student studying Anthropology specializing in paranormal and folklore side of that field. I have been interested in the paranormal and the unexplained since I was a teenager and have been researching and investigating into it for five years now. I have seen apparitions and experienced  events in my life that I cannot explain and this has led to my passion in the field. I am a person that likes to find answers  to things that others cannot, or refuse to acknowledge.  I also like to share my findings with the world in hopes that it will answer their questions and to prove that there are events in our world that cannot be explained by science. Since I started becoming interested in the paranormal  I immediately  started researching the subject and reading every book and paper on the subject that I could get my hands on .   


Patrick found that paranormal shows on television stimulated his insatiable curiosity about everything ,though he took it with a grain of salt. "it can't be that easy",he was here to say ,so set out to debunk some of the evidence being offered for public consumption. in 2012, he captured a number of EVP'S while strolling in Fredericksburg National Park.He was then heard to say, "This changes everything!"In the years since,Patrick has never shield away from an opportunity to participate in an investigation,thought with out any clairvoyant or empathic gifts of his own, he relies entirely on technological tools to capture evidence . " If ghosts were real ,they must be made from something. Detecting and observing them just requires the right equipment

and  methods. " with a master's degree in marketing research ,Patrick knows how to research and set up experiments, skills which he gladly brings to the Paranormal Porch Team.